Monday, September 14, 2015

Glop and Glam

Glop and Glam sent us four of their products to try out and give an honest opinion on what we think about it! We were so excited because for one, we just ran out of shampoo and conditioner, and we loved what we read/heard about it before we even tried it.
Glop and Glam makes products that are:
*certified organic
*paraben and alcohol free
*gluten, nut and phthalate free
*cruelty free
It also has lice preventing ingredients which is a huge benefit!  If your school is anything like ours, you get a letter every year at some point, saying someone at the school has lice.  Yuck.  Then you have to check for it for the next couple of weeks and stress that your kid is going to get it. It's nice to get a little ahead using a product that helps prevent it!
One of the HUGE things we love about Glop and Glam is that all of their products smell (to say the very least) DELICIOUS!  My kids are both huge fans on the smell of the stuff.
I'll do a little break down on each product for you!

Blueberry Blast Clarifying shampoo

This shampoo is for deep cleansing.  It helps to remove product build up, chlorine and other chemical deposits.
It smells like, you guessed it, blueberries!
We went swimming quite a bit during the summer, so both of my kid's hair was feeling dry and yucky.  It worked well to help restore it to its shiny and bouncy self! 
Buy it here: Blueberry Blast Shampoo $16
 Cake Batter Hydrating Conditioner

This conditioner is for all hair types.  It's even safe on sensitive skin!  On the bottle, it says "cake batter restores the vital moisture and nutrition balance necessary for hair to be incredibly silky, soft and tangle free.  It literally does all of these things.
I cannot believe how well it does at detangling the hair.  My girls have completely different hair types and color, and on both of them, we were able to comb through it after their bath with no complaints or tears!
It's just a major bonus that it smells like cake.  This one is definitely Abella's favorite smell wise.
If you have trouble with tangles, this conditioner is a MUST HAVE. My life has gotten so much easier at bath time since we got this conditioner! It's my personal favorite performance wise.
Buy it here: Cake Batter Conditioner $14
Creamsicle Mist
This is a leave in conditioner and detangler.
If my kids hair is extra tangled before we wash it, I use this mist on top of the conditioner.  Charlie's hair was a wreck yesterday, so we used this along with the Blueberry Blast shampoo and the Cake Batter conditioner. It worked really well! 
The smell of this is my personal favorite. It smells just like one of those 50/50 bars that I grew up eating. YUM!
I tried this on Charlie's hair when it was dry the other day because it was so badly tangled.  Charlie is the worst when it comes to tangles.  She cries at the slightest pull.  She has a super sensitive head.  It worked pretty good.  I would say for sure, it works better on damp hair, but the little extra moisture on dry brushing helps!
Buy it here: Creamsicle Mist $15 
Vanilla Cream

This product is made for anti frizz, flexible hold.  It works great for adding texture or smoothing the hair.
I have never been a fan of using product for braiding but I've officially become a believer.  This stuff will smooth out any ponytail or bun style and it's great for taming cowlicks and flyaways! Charlie has 3 very stubborn whirls right in the front of her hairline so I can't usually do a deep part because it wants to stick out everywhere.  With a little bit of this stuff, however, I was able to do a great deep side parted braid (pictured below)!
Charlie would put it all over like lotion if I let her.  She threw a fit yesterday because she saw it and I wouldn't let her put it on her hands. 
Buy it here: Vanilla Cream $16

I love these photos of Abella because she wanted to give you and Glop and Glam HER opinion on the product through her photos. After her bath, I had her brush her own hair. She ran in from the other room and said, "I don't even have to brush it! There are NO tangles!!" When I told her we were doing photos of her hair, she asked, "Is it for the people who sent us this stuff so we can say thank you?" I told her yes, and it was for us to tell other people how we liked it. She said, "Good!  I want to show them that I LOVE it!"  Well done, Abella! She also wants to get some more because she's afraid of running out!
 Photos can speak a thousand words! I didn't pose her for these photos, they were done all by herself.

This is how Charlie's hair looked after we washed it with the shampoo and conditioner.  You can see her stubborn hair line I was talking about! We wanted extra cuddles from her this day because her hair smelled so good!  It smelled a lot like one of those strawberry shortcake dolls! Her hair was very smooth and soft!

This is one of the braids we did on Charlie using the Vanilla Cream.  I actually only used it to smooth the top.  After the teasing I did for the volume, it got a lot of flyaways.  The cream smoothed it perfectly, and Charlie was happy because she got to smell delicious!
This is what Abella's hair looked like after using the shampoo and conditioner. It was so soft and silky!!  I couldn't believe what a difference it made! I wanted it to be mostly down because of how beautiful it was, but we just did a little French braid in the front, a couple 3 strands under that one, and tied them together at the side. Abella wanted to pick her own bow, and she picked this one from Handmade by Angela

This is the braid with the deep side part that I used the Vanilla Cream on.  As you can see, it really helped those flyaways!  This was even after a few hours of wearing this braid, and you probably know how hard a 3 year old is on braids!

Last, I wanted to show you this bun that I did on Abella with the Vanilla Cream.  I usually don't attempt a bun on her with dry hair because she get such bad flyaways.  It helped so much!  For her bun, I braided the ponytail into a bunch of small three strand braids and wrapped them all up into a bun!

In closing, I wanted to let you know that I was not paid by Glop and Glam or prompted on what to say about their product.  They sent me the product and asked me to give an honest review. 
My kids and I both have only positive things to say about this product! The kids are in love with the smell and the way it gets rid of tangles! I love the way it makes their hair shiny and smooth and looking healthier than ever!  I also love the smell.  It smells great without being overpowering.  I tend to get headaches from a lot of different fragrances, and this wasn't a problem at all for me.
If you're looking for a great new product for your children, I would highly recommend
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