Friday, August 7, 2015

Tom Box

Fun Monthly Boxes Delievered to Your Door!
I recently stumbled upon these things called TomBoxes and I had to share them with you! 
Tom boxes are a box of goodies you get once a month, for that time of the month.  Not only do you get a box of tampons or pads of your choice, but you get a bunch of goodies so you can pamper yourself!
I don't know about you, but I've always had a thing for "grab bags" and this kind of reminds me of one, only it comes every month to your door step!  It's such a fun thing to look forward to!
There is a little survey you do at the beginning of signing up for these boxes.  It asks you some questions about your personal style/coloring so that they can customize the accessories and makeup that they send to you. 
The best part about the whole thing is that the boxes start at only $10!  Such a good deal!  You have to buy Tampons/pads every month anyway, right?  Why not have it delivered to your door with a bunch of goodies to cheer you up instead?!  In my opinion, it's a great, affordable way to pamper yourself!
So here are the contents of my Tom Box this month:

Oops!  This little one stole the headband that was in the box before I got the shot of the contents! The headband is pictured below:

*An 18 pack of Playtex sport tampons*
*Travel size sample of La Fresh travel.light makeup remover wipes*
*Full sized Hikari blush in Sun Kissed*
*Full sized Bomb Shell lip gloss in Diamond*
*Full sized Cult nail polish in Hermosa Beach*
*Sample sized Joanna Vargas daily syrum*
*Sample size Escada fragrance*
*Silver colored star fish earings*
*Braided double headband*
*Makeup Brush*
I have a three year old in the home, so of course, she insisted on being my little "helper" in going through the box.  The first thing she noticed was the nail polish and made me apply it to her tiny little fingernails immediately.  It went on really nicely and the color is the perfect bright pink color.  It even dried quickly enough that she didn't wreck it (which is saying a LOT)!
Charlie was also dying to try the makeup! First we tried out the blush, using the makeup brush that came in the box.  The brush is very soft and worked well!  The blush was a great color for both of us, but more importantly, me! 
The Bomb Shell lip gloss in Diamond was clear and went on very smoothly and was very lightweight.  I already threw it in my purse to take with me everywhere I go!
Charlie even used the makeup remover wipes!  I can't wait to take them with me the next time I travel because they worked great!
The headband in all of the photos of Charlie was also in the box.  It's honestly going to be one of my staples!  I wear a ponytail often and this is the perfect way to dress it up a little bit without much effort at all!  As you can see from the photos, it looks great with a bun, as well!  \
The starfish earrings are darling!  They are perfect for me, especially this summer, because we live so close to the beach and we are there constantly lately!  I love how dainty they are!
The fragrance is amazing.  I don't use fragrances often, but at a tiny dab of it at a time for when I go out on a date with my hubby, it will last me for a long time! 
I LOVE these Tom boxes.  To be honest, I never get anything in the mail for myself, it's always for my little ones (which I totally don't mind) and it feels really good to get something for me!  Well, as for me as it gets.  Obviously, little Charlie always finds a way to "share" everything with me, but I don't mind it at all. :)

Click on the link below to sign up to have a Tom Box delivered to your door every month!
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